A derived from Japan to change the quality of life of the toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-06
Many people heard smart toilet, can think of a few years ago China aunt tackling Japan toilet cover things in Japan, must have a lot of people are confused, any good grab toilet cover, China Boyle is really mysterious. But as time goes on, many people are buying new homes to install furniture, can choose smart toilet, this rally Japan intelligent toilet cover, which integrates intelligent toilet, exactly good? What brand of smart toilet? Intelligent toilet advantages: 1, cleaning toilets at the beginning for age and medical care, can pass [injection water function, effectively reduce the anus diseases and female body parts of a bacterial infection, greatly reduces the probability of gynecopathy and anorectal diseases. And intelligent toilet not only bring the clean area, and promote blood circulation, and for patients with constipation, and promote the function of defecation. In after spray the water column, intelligent toilet also has the function of the drying, can the environmental protection to reduce the waste paper. 2, we sat down when using the toilet after health winter is shivering, so a lot of people buy the toilet seat flannelette ring, this is not a one-off, not often clean easy to breed bacteria, and a ring of people use toilet also is not health. Intelligent toilet can change the status quo, its barrel hoop has its own heating function, use a sit down is warm in winter, the feeling is very comfortable. 3, sterilizing common toilet not to clean a few days, the bacterial growth exponentially, intelligent toilet can effectively change the status quo, it has the functions of sterilization, effectively prevent bacterial infections.
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