A lot of good home smart toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-09
Smart toilet: although increased living standards, but the body depends on more and more fragile, a little problem will make your body unwell. The toilet is a sensitive problem, but the toilet is difficult, health is not good, oh. The emergence of the intelligent toilet products effectively solved the problem of the toilet difficult people, not only clean sanitation, drain well and help users. Good smart toilet cover product besides common cleaning temperature adjustment function, also designed according to different people, such as design of special cleaning for ladies, do fight bacteria, prevent gynecopathy. Help function can make it through to the rectum, anus can help and solve waste, eliminate toxin, relieve constipation. Synchronization by weak alternating current stimulation, can also promote crissum skin blood circulation, can achieve invigorate the massage, prevent the happening of the piles and other kinds of diseases. Intelligent toilet seats automatic drying function, can effectively remove the lower half region of moisture, and promote the blood circulation, such as dry and energy efficiency. Such home old man to the toilet not convenient problem solved, children toilet brush sordid problem is solved, and the girl physiological period, constipation problems never bothered us for a long time.
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