Another set of intelligent toilet use experience?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-25
In many public places, many young people don't want to go to the toilet, which is a person, the air circulation, and secondly because of worry about the toilet quality closes nevertheless, hygiene is poor, leading to the emergence of infectious diseases, people have such worry is actually a very normal thing, in order to be able to reassure the people of this concern, so more and more in head start using smart toilet, so how about it? After a preliminary understanding, we found it on the price is not everybody imagination of so high, before we buy are some of the relatively cheap ordinary toilet, but the price of this part of the toilet has reached several hundred yuan, if we choose the intelligent toilet, costs only 1000 or 2000, but it can protect people's health, to avoid the occurrence of infectious diseases, and at the same time can also block the health problems emerge in endlessly. Change set of intelligent toilet more than cheap, and did on services, in the process of the toilet, the skin of people need to contact directly with the toilet seat, if someone really suffer from skin disease, there are may lead to some serious consequences, in order to avoid it, so this smart toilet in our side, it can automatic toilet seat replacement, we use the toilet mat will always is brand new. Have to say that change set of intelligent toilet has many years of history, maybe people's attitude toward it with a hesitation at first, but now, it has become more and more high, the sales of perhaps it is because of this, so only those. Relevant tags:
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