A integrated seamless cylinder technology

One-piece, seamless cylinder technology. The bathtub is integrally formed and seamlessly connected. It is a perfect combination of beauty and beauty. Seamless and easy to clean. Let you have more time to enjoy life.


Bathtub body reinforcement technology

It is made of high-quality resin and fiber, and has strong adhesion. It does not cause delamination and separation, and is not easy to bend and deform.


Human Mechanics Design

Applying Asian ergonomic principles, it fits the human body curve and is comfortable on the back. It is combined with high-quality acrylic sheet, which

has good heat preservation and soft touch, creating a more comfortable bathing experience.

BP Acrylic Plate

The weight is light and the rigidity is outstanding

The sound on the back is crisp, the color is the same, the leakage is safe, and the safety is good for use.

BP Acrylic sheet, which uses resin as bonding material, glass fiber and inorganic filler to strengthen the material, and is processed into a whole product through FRP composite process.

Ecleaning technology


Ecleaning technology

ANNWA Sanitary Ware aims to create a clean bathing environment that not only provides users with a clean water source, but also provides users with easy-to-clean bathroom products. ANNWA is not easy to clean in order to solve the traditional bathtub, and yellowing and discoloration of the cylinder after long-term use. The problem, the development of ANNWA·Ecleaning technology, is widely used in ordinary bathtubs, five-piece bathtubs and jacuzzi products. ANNWA·Ecleaning technology not only uses high-purity acrylic sheet to create the bathtub cylinder, but also has the characteristics of high deformation without deformation, no stains, and 3 fine polishing on the surface of the cylinder to make the surface gloss of the bathtub. Higher and easier to clean, the jacuzzi is also equipped with internal pipe cleaning to truly clean from the inside out, providing clean quality for every inch of leisure bathing.

Massage system technology

Completely natural and warm water hugs your body and mind to obtain calm, careful design of the nozzle position, give you multiple massage

experience, in view of the human body's fatigue, let you relax muscle, relieve pain.

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