Black science and technology of intelligent toilet became home fashion products

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-07
The development of the society constantly, in we face the dark society of science and technology, intelligent technology in our side slowly into our life, but the quality of life of people also constantly improve, followed by a smart home is the source of the qualities of our living, intelligent toilet is one of the smart home. Is the generation after generation of new products emerge in endlessly, from the most common early in sanitary ware, intelligent induction faucet to sales prosperous now automatically flush toilet, massage bathtub, bath cabinet, etc. , have been quietly become family toilet decorate a fashion. Intelligent toilet cover is really fire up in recent years, but the world's first intelligent toilet cover was born in 1964 in the United States, the United States people Arnold Cohen for their sick father, spent two years time, developed by the foot pedal control of washing and drying as one of the intelligent toilet cover, and obtained the patent. A toilet display screen design, micro electric Gao Jing display, the function is clear, manipulation of the comfortable. Remote control infrared remote transmission adopts 360 degrees, let you operate no dead Angle, the way enjoy high-tech life brings convenient and comfortable for you. Enjoy life. Elegant life aesthetic feeling, intelligent toilet take the oval appearance design, the overall smooth rounded lines, in appreciate the elegant beauty of lines at the same time, can effectively avoid knock against, let a youngest son don't have to worry about the toilet safety. Now on the market the design and function of intelligent toilet also is varied, should be more perfect, such as the most basic bottom clean, warm air drying, massage seat heating, hydraulic and electronic deodorant, etc. , can basically meet the needs of people using the toilet. Some, because of lazy is the world's development so fast, is make the products more perfect, so I also more think the future of intelligent toilet it can also do more to help the lazy, or purchaser. Hip cleaning function enables people to enjoy a healthier way to the toilet, and cleanliness is higher than wipe paper, combined with warm wind drying makes this effect is close to perfect, there is a lot of people like the seat heating function, we know that winter is very cold, especially in the north often go to the toilet is 20 degrees below zero literally can compensate a battle, and the seat heating instantly make cold seat warm up. , according to experts research and related data intelligent toilet can the human body, urine, stool, body fat, such as testing, so as to better inform the user own physical condition, it can not only prevent, you can also monitor some physical elements of the data, this can be very good avoid the occurrence of some diseases, at the same time understand yourself under sub health condition or when critical point to better control their diet and sleep, etc. Intelligent toilet era has quietly come, home appliance giant has aimed at the intelligent toilet market, depend on the research and development advantage of smart home, be a strong candidate for the market. The future domestic market will surely is the biggest market, competition also must strengthen gradually. And in the process of the competition of smart home, will emerge a variety of crossover of enterprises.
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