Buy toilet tips, guangdong intelligent toilet to share

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-21
Toilet is an essential part of every family, remember when home toilet clogged helpless? Good when using the toilet can also avoid many problems, gets down and together we will see what I choose the toilet, what are the tips can let you avoid problems because of the quality problem. First of all, we can see the seat of the glossiness, also can stretch hand to touch, and if the appearance is very smooth, shows that there is a layer of glaze, so that not only smooth but also not blister. Of course if you don't mind, also can touch, the outlet of the toilet if is smooth, means that the quality is very good. Then we can see the quality of the toilet, of course, this is not to let's put the toilet seat up see how heavy, toilet is just need to pick up the lid on the toilet tank, local qualified, also won't appear much of a problem as a whole. And can tell by the sound of the toilet, good sound quality will be more clear, and we knock the voice of the bowls are similar. The quality of the closestool of the toilet is very close the feelings of life, and when we use, is want to be comfortable in the home, if you buy a dejected toilet is not necessary.
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