Cabinet basin of pottery and porcelain of choose and buy of a few tips

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-27
Ceramics factories now launched various style is very beautiful ceramic cabinet basin, attracted the line of sight of many consumers, are keen to get in. So how should buy ark of ceramic POTS, it really need to understand clearly, combined with their own needs, when the choice will be an eagle, get twice the result with half the effort, from worries. So, toilet manufacturer in guangdong ceramic suggested should choose and buy: one, to check the appearance quality of wash basin, for the light to the side of the ceramic multi-angle observation, to see if the glaze of the wash basin is smooth. No crack, lack of glaze, brown eyes, pit defects such as cabinet basin in ceramics surface stroke with the hand, hand induction is very smooth and fine. Against the wall of the mounting surface normal without warp. Mounting holes without deformation. Various performance can meet the requirement of national standard. Second, to look at the specifications and design of ark of ceramic POTS, ceramic cabinet basin there is a wide variety of specifications, according to the size and location of the space that defend bath, the choose and buy your favorite style, cabinet basins should match with the proper matching between wei yu, tonal and consistent. Three, to see the material of cabinet put oneself in another's position: whether to choose is waterproof board, the material is crushed materials selected wood into powder, after the special craft processing and become a kind of waterproof board, waterproof properties is better than that of normal fiberboard. Four, to see whether the ceramic basin faucet installation hole: ceramic cabinet basin faucet mounting holes with double holes and puckering, so when the tap of choose and buy, it is important to note that cabinet basin opening way, the choose and buy of single span single handle double tap, the choose and buy of double orifice double handle single control tap. Five, to see whether the ceramic basin cabinet put oneself in another's position of assembly quality: for all the metal parts such as door shake handshandle, hinge, drawer, cabinet legs, look to whether pass moistureproof processing stainless steel configuration. So wet resistance would have safeguard. At the same time to check all the ceramic cabinet basin whether the opening of flexible hinge, handle. Door open Angle of 90 degrees or above, more convenient take put items. Six, to see if the installation of ceramic cabinet basin using convenient: ark should be reserved within the basin into the hole and the hole, to guarantee for the maintenance of in and out of the water pipe and valve opening is convenient, don't leave future maintenance and overhaul of trouble. No reserved and hole under the water, can also according to the location of the ceramic cabinet basin is put, according to the position of the reserved water and sewage, punch can also. Incase basin has reserved into the hole and the hole, can be installed at decorating a commonly. Connect the fluctuation of pipe fittings and cabinet basin, have examined the feed water and does not drip can normal use.
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