Ceramic sanitary ware enterprises need to cast a common heart

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-31
Mentality is important! Has long been a mentality for people of all walks of life are a double-edged sword, master can be invincible, master is bad can into the embarrassing situation of malaise. Planning life, business enterprise, to adopt a kind of what kind of attitude? Ceramic sanitary ware enterprise should do to have a common heart? First to see light fame and wealth, see light gain and loss, also is to have a centering. Do firms have the better than they are, have weaker than himself, should be treated with gentle state of mind, do not get rich quick. Try to cultivate a sense of detachment. This mindset that you can face up to their own enterprises in the position in the industry, make our own enterprises with the objective and right evaluation. This mindset can help you do things, centering the engaged and the wrong way. For example, in the tide of market economy, many enterprises in a certain success, often carried away by victory, complacent, lack of analysis of the surrounding environment, opportunities and threats and the correct view of their own advantages and disadvantages, overestimated the advantages and opportunities, underestimate the weaknesses and threats, thus make unrealistic decisions, no centering, the risk of enterprise operation will follow. This case a lot. Before a few years, some enterprises regardless of their own strength and the condition of ceramic sanitary ware market, diversified expansion, make oneself and enterprise carry baggage lack of talent, money is tight, go on. Financial storm in 2008, the enterprise under siege at a draught, the edge of collapse. Many bosses of ceramic sanitary ware market. They sets high sales tasks for employees, after depicting the blueprint, comfortable waiting for the task to complete. If the task can't complete, feeling is team out of the question, staff didn't work hard enough, work pressure is not enough. In the second year, regardless of the internal and external environment condition, still in accordance with the high growth rates to set up the annual task. Virtually to the sales staff has increased a lot of pressure. Can't afford a walk it, No place to go, just carrying, etc. The boss is kind, task. Ceramic sanitary ware enterprise boss should look at both objective view of the market environment, enterprise's internal environment, objective, formulate the company's business objectives. Pyramid is not built in a day, according to process needs to step change, step by step under the market environment of cold and cheerless, does not have the condition of all kinds of immature, bosses still insist that maintain their high growth rate. After all, is their bosses can't convergence blind to expand business, the desire for profit. As a result, the boss is very tired, very tired, consultants, more tired. Boss tired in not a team morale, policy implementation; Employees tired without confidence, high task as a ladder, more important is that they don't climb the ladder of methods and tools, as well as the need to support; As regular think-tank, we spent a lot of time and energy to do the actual combat effectiveness, and the nanny to guide enterprises promotion tools and methods, but as a result, the solution in the execution of a laborious 'communication' and changed the color and taste, with less effort. Have a common heart is to our strengths, feet on the ground. At present, the house of ceramic sanitary ware market float subsequently affected by the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control, market in the doldrums, whether production enterprise or dealers, all thinking about how to 'transform', 'change', 'break', 'broken'. A lakers coach phil Jackson said the common heart is the word! Is a kind of attitude, is 'doing nothing, no, no greed, contentment' concept of the collection, is also a kind of life philosophy, and represent a state of mind, a kind of state, the natural law. Seems to be a common heart, doing nothing is not nothing, without strife or otherwise, which contains the broad and profound knowledge. If constantly to maintain a common heart, individuals can obtain unlimited joy and satisfaction, enterprises will get to the next level. Ceramic sanitary ware market already 20 years high speed growth, but also accompanied by disorderly competition, blindly follow suit, and copied to imitate the past 20 years. Impetuous and quick buck phenomenon, increasing market constantly threw cold water on us, alarms, rational consumers begin to repeatedly rejected, refused to sales promotion. Pain is to think the same. Since last year, ceramic sanitary ware market manufacturers and agents began to feel pain, confusion and crisis, the change has been the subject of industry. I think be common in mind in the face of changing market, analysis of opportunities and difficulties calmly, incremental change is more realistic. As long as not critical to the survival of the game, in the process of normal operation and management, gradual, system innovation of small and big, are as important as the institutional innovation of a leap. This is the result of common heart 'moistens everything silently' gentle change, may be more suitable for the stability of the team with a smooth transition of enterprise transformation.
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