Ceramic sanitary ware industry faces three big market disadvantages two outside pressure

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-31
Ceramic sanitary ware industry three market disadvantages and two outside pressure is mainly manifested in the following: sanitary ware production enterprises exist mostly products is low, the problem such as the production management level is relatively backward, only internal vicious competition in the low-end market, less competitive, it is difficult to enter was dominated by foreign brands even monopoly of high-end, highly profitable product markets. Tradition of low grade sanitary ware products has been saturated and even surplus situation, but it still exists in high-grade sanitary ware products quite a big gap. And there were two difficulties before the Chinese ceramic sanitary ware industry: on the one hand, the increase of the Chinese government on the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control efforts, objectively caused the domestic real estate investment growth is slowing, sanitary ware industry which is closely linked to real estate pressure; On the other hand, with the termination of the five-year transition period of WTO, China international sanitary ware industry giants have to expansion in China, the market will be more competitive. Ceramic sanitary ware industry predicament and break through the market competition increasingly fierce and the national policy for real estate industry of new regulation and control, will certainly to speed up the pace of ceramic sanitary ware industry structure adjustment, industry reshuffle will accelerate further, some industry correlation is low, low added value, low efficiency, backward technology, structural contradiction is very outstanding enterprises will be eliminated. The current of high-grade ceramic sanitary ware industry in China is still in an era of brand openings. Small scale of domestic sanitary ware enterprises, capital, market, technology and information are not very strong competitive. Even if some enterprise has a unique technology and craft, but because of its brand advantage is not obvious, not give full play to the market potential. Moreover, domestic sanitary consumption has been guidance & quot; Star standard & quot; With & quot; Technical standards & quot; Comparison & quot; Less rational & quot; For Chinese ceramic sanitary ware enterprises also & quot; Slightly unfair & quot; , can cause people to crack down on their own market, and the end of the five-year transition period of WTO, foreign large-scale ceramic sanitary ware brand involvement, will aggravate the contradiction, let domestic ceramic sanitary ware enterprises face unprecedented challenges. In the tide of market economy, only the strong, withstood the test of the enterprise can continue to gain ground in the forefront; By speculation, the strength of enterprises will be submerged in the wave of market. And simple price war will only lead to terminal retail prices, is not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises, enterprises want to can not eliminated by the market, hope to be able to get more good development, only option value rather than price.
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