Ceramic sanitary ware industry problem increasingly prominent

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-30
At the same time of increasing industrial development, the problems existing in the ceramic industry is increasingly prominent. A, industry distribution is not balanced, region development not balanced, the production has obvious regional imbalances in the ceramic industry, production and sales mainly concentrated in guangdong, jiangxi, shandong, fujian and other provinces. These areas, ceramic solid industrial foundation, complete system, affect the radiating surface is broad, provides many jobs and become a local traditional pillar industries, is a great contribution to the local economic construction. Also appear excessive concentration area of the ceramic enterprises, with the expanding of enterprises, expanding the continuous extension of production lines, production volume, cause serious overcapacity, imbalance between supply and demand, also causes area pollution is serious, resource depletion problems. And northwest, northeast, Inner Mongolia and other regions, restricted the overall economic level, despite the resource advantage, but the ceramic industry overall behind, which can be huge space for development. Second, the serious environmental pollution, high energy consumption, clay resource overexploitation ceramic industry itself belongs to the high energy consumption, high pollution industry, the production process consume a large amount of mineral resources and energy, the waste gas, waste water, waste residue, dust and other cause serious pollution to the environment. In some ceramics industry intensity is high, the economically developed areas, ceramic industry for air, land and other environmental pollution phenomenon is particularly serious. A lot of places of non-renewable mineral resource overexploitation, greatly damage the ecological environment, ceramic waste recycling basically in a blank state. This situation not only lead to excessive consumption of mineral resources, energy, home also hindered the sustainable development of China's ceramic industry. In recent years, with the increase of the whole society's awareness of environmental protection in our country the government introduced a series of policies and measures to increase the intensity of energy conservation, emission reduction, local governments also make corresponding laws and regulations, and pollution control industry, ceramic industry facing challenge of resource, energy and environment problems. Third, the low level of industry profits, poor quality of products seriously in our country is a ceramic production power, but not a great power. Product is given priority to with the medium, low added value, in the international market price is not high. Ceramic excess production capacity, supply exceeds demand, enterprises fight for market, compete to hold down prices, declining industry profits. Enterprises lack of capacity for independent innovation, serious product homogeneity, the international market competitiveness is not strong. Under the background of the global economic integration today, facing the severe international financial crisis, the building materials market is not optimistic, and how to obtain the maximum economic benefit at the same time, and the rational use of resources, reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution to the environment, the sustainable development of China's ceramic industry problems need to solve.
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