Ceramic sanitary ware use and maintenance need to pay attention to several points

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-28
Ceramic sanitary ware products mainly implement, squatting pan, urinal, wash basin, sink, mop pool, etc. , one of the major maintenance is to implement, the other is relatively simple, as long as to maintain good porcelain body with respect to OK. For example: after long time use the lavatory, oil and dirt easily agglomeration, at this time, can use oxalate, clean the surface of the basin that wash a face, after waiting for a minute and then rinse with water, the basin that wash a face is become shining. This is due to the high oxalate acidic, are quite efficient removal of oil pollution and so on, but remember that finished with oxalic acid to wash with water as soon as possible, to avoid the acid erosion surface. If can not improve, can buy bottled water safety bleaching water, pour into the lavatory is the place of besmirch, about 20 minutes, with a towel or sponge after washing, then wash clean can, but don't use microfiber cloth or sand powder brush surface, because it will scratch the surface of basin, lose luster, more easy to shelter evil people and practices. Wash basin class method also can be applied to other ceramic sanitary wares. 1. Can not to the commode into newsprint, paper urine pad, with her easily blocked items such as sanitary napkin; 2. To prevent breakage and leakage, please don't crash ceramic; 3. Jam, please immediately use skin attractor elimination; 4. Cannot be used and stored in Celsius below 0 ℃ water environment; 5. In order to prevent the expansion of the cement to burst at the bottom of the toilet and must use glass glue for installation; 6. If you have return water, turn water it is recommended that you use strong fall type product, banning the use of siphon type products. 7. Squatting pan when installation, it is suggested that the product installation between separated by a thin layer of asphalt surface and floor; 8. When handling to should take put down gently, it is strictly prohibited and throw and in case of damage; 9. Mask when installation, it is recommended to use glass glue, banning the use of epoxy. 10. If there is a metal scratch, in the case of no damage to glaze, dilute acids through chemical reactions are available, and wash out. 11. Implement the installation if the floor is too thin, Suggestions can not expansion bolt, directly with silica gel. 12. If you choose cabinet basin, especially the hanging cabinet basin, it is recommended that you do not directly fixed cabinet, the cabinet and ceramic wash basin with fixed it is safer. In addition, there are many users use life flush toilet, wash the clothes of the alkaline after implement of the waste water tank easy to damage the water, water with oil stains are easy to corrosion parts make porcelain body stains, so suggest as far as possible need not too dirty water and washing water to flush the toilet bowl chopsticks, but without the tank directly poured into the toilet flush.
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