Change sets of automatic toilet wide application and high safety coefficient

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-24
Why change sets of automatic toilet is the product of the era development? According to statistics, because squatting on the toilet fell down and hurt, to reach more than 300 cases of infection. Such a digital awakened investors, many public places such as hotels, leisure, beauty, hospital and so on, these places will be given the guest when decorate toilet safety problems, which one investor also don't want to appear safe hidden trouble on his own ground, and these places are consumer place, the guest to the local health requirements higher, stream also brought into lavatory security hidden danger, in order to put an end to such things happen, when decorate investment of National People's Congress would choose in sets of automatic toilet, such a smart toilet brought a lot of convenience to the guests. Change sets of automatic toilet set inside a microcomputer controller, it can control the change health thin film, a wave of his hand gently before use to start the induction system, drive fast, convenient, health, old and new membrane separation, installed in a public place in automatic toilet is a better choice. Here to explain that different manufacturer production of intelligent toilet each are not identical, use the material also has the difference, in set of raw materials is more automatic toilet use antibacterial PP material, the material of this surface of bacteria and dirt is difficult to adsorption to the toilet, tactility is also very comfortable, service life is long, sweet floor mat can reduce external friction force for ceramics, can effectively protect the ceramic is not damaged, at the same time also can have the effect of mute. So high-tech design makes some public investors did not have trouble back at home, also made its own contribution to improve the guest coming back, he would 'speak' good products! Relevant tags:
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