Choice implement need to pay attention to what?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-27
Guangdong toilet manufacturer ceramic small make up to introduce the choice implement when usually need to pay attention to what? 1, when choosing toilet, color to the wash basin and toilet whole tonal and consistent. In addition when installation to measure hole spacing, certain error cannot exceed 1 centimeter, otherwise will be unable to install. 2, pay special attention to when the choose and buy should choose closestool cistern without glazing and contacts, if glazing can explain three questions. 1. Low temperature ceramic bargain; 2. Ceramic bibulous rate is high; 3. Modesty, covering cracks! 3, choice of glaze is key, must be better to clean. Give everyone an action, will know good or bad. With key strokes glaze, wipe with a cloth can erase. Ball pen can also, lavatory spirit with toothpaste or detergent can not erase glaze is useful. 4, water way, now in the market of the flush toilet can be divided into siphon and open drop type ( The straight strong pattern) Two, but at present are mainly composed of siphon type. 5, and the amount allowed hole is apart from the convenient installation. Hole distance refers to the distance to the tank wall behind the center of the drains, the error must not exceed 1 centimeter, otherwise the toilet cannot install. Pit of drainage way under the distance, it is to point to the ground under the hole center distance is not distance of metope decorate. After drainage way, to measure the distance ( Refers to osculum center to finish the distance of the ground) 。 Remind: please professional master installation closestool, generally buy stores can be responsible for the installation. Install the toilet within 24 hours after don't move energetically. Installation closestool, don't go toward front cavity toilet or other cavity into cement mortar, lest because toilet cement setting expansion. The bottom of the toilet water seal height is too low may cause toilet return flavour, the influence is healthy. Too high, the water splash easily, so be the height of the according to individual need to let the manufacturer to adjust the water seal to the appropriate location. Chosen like toilet appearance, do not be fooled by fancy toilet design, it is important to look at quality of toilet, toilet glaze should be clean, smooth, no obvious flaws, there shall be no needle, lack of glaze, the trademark is clear, complete all kinds of accessories, shape without deformation.
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