Choose implement most easily into the erroneous zone

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-30
Implement the choose and buy: surface observed by hand gently touch the surface of the toilet, if there is no uneven feeling, and felt glaze and the body feel very exquisite, suggesting that sit implement quality is good. If the time is the perfection of implement, the surface of the glaze and billet experience is coarse, dark, there are holes in will find below the illuminate of lamplight. Implement the choose and buy: ceramic firing high-grade toilet because fire when the temperature is high, has reached the requirement of fully vitrified, so there will be heavy weigh in hand in hand feeling. And low-standard implement low sintering temperature, time is short, so don't meet the requirement of fully vitrified. The high temperature burn sit implement bibulous rate is low, so is not easy to take in sewage, produce peculiar smell. And some of the old model of implement bibulous rate is high, and when the suction sewage after it is easy to make bad smell, and it is difficult to clean. Time is long, can also occur crack and leakage phenomenon. When choosing, can use hand knock gently sit implement, if the knock voice hoarse, not ringing loud and clear, then the implement is likely to have internal crack, or product not cooked. Implement the choose and buy: when choosing inspection work, with a hand in the dirty mouth, sit implement internal whether smooth touch. If feel rough showed no glazed inside, sit implement such easy to leak. And implement the gasket should be made of plastic or rubber foaming process, the gasket strong elasticity, sealed performance is good. The design of the pipeline is scientific and reasonable had a great influence on toilet flushing effect. In general, want to try first before buying toilet flush. Formal standards, in the case of less than or equal to 6 liters of water, three water, sit implement, on average, to be able to at least five ping-pong rushed out of the water injection.
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