Choose intelligent toilet, from hemorrhoids

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-22
Hemorrhoids this stuff, it should be a lot of people have, not to have such a word: 'ten nine hemorrhoids', just weight is different, but you know that smart toilet is a relief for hemorrhoids? Some experts pointed out that the washing function of intelligent toilet cover is use for hemorrhoids, every time the toilet water cleaning, can effectively get rid of hemorrhoids. Smart toilet cover has many special features: heating seat, people sat on the toilet seat and no longer feel cold; Warm water wash, let people no longer use toilet paper to wipe; Warm air drying, more let buttocks dry after washing clean. Massage and purge, automatic deodorization, remote control, and other functions, is to let the toilet felt so comfortable. Traditional hemorrhoids patients when using the toilet, whether using relatively rough toilet paper, and soft toilet paper, are easy to hemorrhoids chafed, lead to bleeding events; And toilet paper to wipe is often not easy to wipe clean, or anus hemorrhoids fold residual waste often carry bacteria, will stimulate the anus repeatedly, causing hemorrhoids break out repeatedly. To avoid these, washed after hip warm air drying, is undoubtedly one of the better ways. In addition, the intelligent toilet cover out of warm water and massage can stimulate the anus sphincter, accelerate the blood circulation, help remove fatigue, and make its function restoration and strengthening, make defecate more easily.
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