Common toilet and intelligent toilet more save water than what kind of?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-08
Common toilet and intelligent toilet more save water than what kind of? Intelligent toilet doesn't necessarily save water. Because the flush switch is originally toilet switch. Only smart toilet many other functions. Smart excessive emphasis on water saving toilet, may appear hip wash or women wash, massage time is not long enough, have the unfulfilled, affect the user experience. So, when buying a smart toilet don't think as long as it is water must be good, or should be considered. In addition to the water consumption, hedge net rate, flush distance, water seal is effective against the stench, etc. Also can't be ignored. In terms of water a configuration, the drain valve of the larger diameter can realize rapid drainage effect. Qualified water-saving toilets in to ensure that the drainage function at the same time, still need a S pipeline, conform to the national standard of water seal, in order to reach the purpose of deodorization. Advantage mainly include the following: 1, high-end grade atmosphere. Low temperature is more and more, a lot of people habit of toilet set the flannelette gasket, but with the development of science and technology, intelligent toilet more and more acceptable. Over the years, the toilet has been constantly innovation, from material to shape and function of intelligent. 2, intelligent toilet more health. Careful people may find that the toilet a few days don't scrub, inside and outside have besmirch, in fact, the toilet with our naked eye cannot see microbes, there will be easy to cause infectious disease viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. And intelligent toilet has the function of sterilization, to prevent bacterial infections, hemorrhoids, constipation and other questions have great advantages. 3, intelligent toilet is more convenient. The plastic basket in the bathroom, such as not clear in time will greatly increase the speed of bacteria breeding, intelligent toilet can be automatically after the 'convenient' cleaning, drying, no toilet paper to wipe, effectively solve the health problems are caused by toilet paper and paper basket. 4, intelligent toilet more comfortable. General intelligent toilet set coil heating, warm water wash, massage and so on many functions in one, provide a better [efficacy and comfortable cleaning experience. The design of the double nozzle, provide hip cleaning and women cleaning, cleaning in place; And pulse flushing mode, can enjoy the SPA massage effect.
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