Crouch implement how to choose size

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-02
Crouch implement how to choose size? Squatting pan is an important tool in modern life, we tend to ignore it when choosing crouchs implement the dimensions of the problem, as a result, the follow-up can't install or improperly installed, affect the use effect. So before installation crouchs implement, we should first understand what are clearly squatting pan size, so as not to affect the use effect of later. Come and sit implement manufacturer below small make up together and see about the squatting pan toilet size. Squatting pan introduces squatting pan is a substance made of clay or other inorganic after mixing, molding and firing, bibulous rate is 0 or less. 5% of the glaze ceramic squat toilets, it is indispensable to modern life important sanitary ware, our daily life is inseparable from it. Squatting pan generally divided into two categories, shining and covered; While squatting pan structure mainly include the return water bending and no return water two kinds. Squatting pan size crouchs implement currently on the market sell size tend to have 580 * 450 * 70, 535 * 430 * 240, 535 * 430 * 190, 520 * 420 * 220, 520 * 420 * 280, 520 * 420 * 190 categories, such as need to measure before choosing good hole is apart from the size, lest cause unnecessary trouble. Of course, for squat toilets were specific to size, take a look at the guangdong toilet manufacturer small make up to collect about crouchs implement specific data size. 1, adult type squatting pan size: 610 mm long and 270 wide was, children type squatting pan size: 480 mm long, wide 220 mm3, to complete the wall crouchs implement inlet center distance should be not less than 60 mm. 4, crouchs implement any parts of the body thickness should not less than 6 mm. 5, all with the overall trap of sanitary ceramics crouchs implement water depth should not be less than 50 mm. Squatting pan toilet size before buying crouchs implement we must measure the first hole is apart from the size, in order to avoid to buy back crouchs implement can't install, cause unnecessary trouble. Must be noticed when installation crouchs implement hole distance, namely the toilet wall concrete sewer pipe center distance, the specific generally speaking, there are 300 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm and 450 mm categories, can choose according to specific needs. At the time of installation crouchs implement regular reserve general net wall at the back of the distance at 650 - — Distance is 700 mm, the side should not be less than 450 mm. And when installation crouchs implement water and water tank, pressure pipe diameter, generally is about 28 mm, the bottom of the tank - crouchs implement the distance of the water intake should be 1500 mm - 1800 mm, the distance according to the different sizes of the squatting pan is slightly different, need to be adjusted according to actual situation. Knowledge about the squatting pan size small make up is introduced here, hope to be of help. Toilet manufacturer here small make up remind everybody, even when installation crouchs implement, first of all, must want to measure good crouchs implement dimensions, and according to the size of proper installation. Install a domestic demand using mixed mortar to fill the heart, avoid by all means use cement installation, lest cement setting expansion break squatting pan.
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