Crouch implement maintenance knowledge

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-28
In between the wei yu that every household will have a squat toilet, now there are all kinds of squatting pan, but whatever the squatting pan is inseparable from the reasonable maintenance, between the wei yu that can have a clean and good living environment. 1, in order to prevent the squatting pan because of excessive force. 2, don't give in to squat toilets into newsprint, paper urine mat, the sanitary napkin or jam. 3, accidentally fell into the toilet inside the debris should be removed in time, jams immediately to attract leather gas. 4, do not make hard ware or coarse fabric contact with ceramic products, do not beat, bump. 5, regular use detergent. for the adherent dirt, wash not to drop, use a brush to remove, keep the surface clean. 6, cannot use and storage under zero centigrade water environment. Press the button 7 every time, water washing,, can't force too much, so as not to damage the cistern fittings. 8, in order to prevent the expansion of the cement to burst at the bottom of the toilet, or if the floor is too thin, Suggestions can not expansion bolt, must use glass silica gel for installation, fixed as well. 9, if you have return water water, it is recommended that you use strong fall type product, banning the use of siphon type products. 10, squatting pan when installation, it is suggested that the product installation surface between the floor and separated by a thin layer of asphalt 11, there are many users the squatting pan is washed with water, washing water is alkaline through water easy to destroy a squat toilet water tank, water with oil stains are easy to corrosion parts make porcelain body stains, so suggest as far as possible need not too dirty water and washing bowl chopsticks water flushing squatting pan, but without the tank directly into a squat toilet flush.
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