Do you have any reason to choose the intelligent toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-30
As people's living condition is getting better and better, most people begin to pay close attention to their quality of life, and the rise of intelligent toilet cover is witness to the people pay for quality. Under the impetus of the education market in nearly two years, however, consumers began to realize intelligent toilet cover can of changes in the way of life, the more high quality intelligent toilet became the choice of high quality life. Between the intelligent toilet cover or intelligent toilet, many consumers will fall into the 'dilemma' situation, because smart toilet are often more expensive than intelligent toilet cover prices, it seems that on the function, so does that mean intelligent toilet cover can completely replace the intelligent toilet? Actually in fact is not the case, both in many respects, there is a certain gap, and enjoy the high quality of life is not just the function of stack, intelligent toilet cover no matter from the level of appearance, comfort, practicality, or after-sales service all aspects such as reflects its significant advantages, first, the installation of the intelligent toilet for the modern family, the collocation of whole style is very important, which as a private bathroom environment, also very value personal space and consumers should match the high level of appearance of the intelligent toilet, of course. And on the choice of materials, intelligent toilet by more than 1200 ° high temperature fire and become integrated, innovative technology of super clean fouling resistance at the same time, in the nanoscale glaze powder mixed silver ions, and can have better antibacterial effect, and the medial and lateral surface is very smooth, touch up is very exquisite, at the same time this kind of material is advantageous to the daily cleaning. And said to the installation of concrete, the official after-sales will not only offer free installation services, at the same time also launched eight after-sales service, including free circuit transformation, the cleaning and maintenance free, free water pipe extended, free door-to-door, free disassembling/switching, elastic door-to-door services such as booking, at the same time also supports overall 5 year warranty and one year free replacement new secure after-sale protection, let users upgrade easy, save maintenance costs more. Second, the intelligent toilet seat experience though smart and intelligent toilet is very close on the function, but on the effect of specific experience, gap is very obvious. On the cleaning method, the most basic is warm water cleaning, the user can adjust the most suitable for their own washing water temperature, relative will be slow in the experience, there is also a way of moving clean, nozzle position automatically moved back and forth when clean, thereby expanding range of nozzle to the net absorption is more suitable for the hip thoroughly clean. May occasionally at ordinary times in case of forget to flush the toilet toilets can through intelligent sensing technology, can automatically after people leave the seat 10 s start washing, toilet also induction open and close automatically at the same time, the user experience more convenient. In addition, the panasonic intelligent closestool USES no water tank design, single of rinse water for about 5 l, relatively more water-saving environmental protection. Three, the foam net technology of intelligent toilet clean the toilets the biggest luminescent spot, is also one of the intelligent toilet original functions. Then the bubble net function exactly what are the benefits? First of all, the bubble net function can have very good antifouling effect, because the density of foam actually has a strong lubrication, make besmirch hard to attached on the inner wall of the toilet, to maintain the toilet inside glaze is clean, the user in the clean up will be much easier. In addition, through the bubble cover actually also can effectively restrain the spread of the peculiar smell inside the toilet, to create a more pure and fresh and sanitary environment. Intelligent toilet has three bubble automatic modes to choose from, can choose to use after the operation, for example, when a user is used every time the toilet, and leave the seat cushion after about 75 seconds, bubble net function will run automatically, clean the toilet after may be the legacy of dirt. In the process of running, the toilet inside the nozzle will be rotary jet bubble, from left to right, from right to left all the time, to full cover type clean inside. Is another pattern of regular operation, users can choose automatic movement bubble net every 3 hours, so as to maintain the cleanness of all-weather. Final users to design a model to men, or open circle running, open the model, to urinate in a man every time raised his lap, bubble function run automatically, the foam covered with water, which have the effect of buffer splash, this design can man the Gospel. Four, the humanization design of intelligent toilet intelligent toilet seat heating is a personal, it will automatically matters temperature heating to the human body, to the user experience more comfort. In addition, the night light function is designed to also make the old man was glad, it is more convenient to go to the toilet at night. Intelligent toilet and a very important function, that is drying function, and a lot of smart toilet cover on the market are not actually with the function of baking, barbie doll, but will sell at a discount greatly on experience. Finally, we also for the toilet flush when the noise of the test, then we test base of indoor noise to 39. About 8 decibels, while noise when strong water for 67. About 9 ( Close to the toilet cover test) Around 30 decibel, span, basically close to our expectation, used in the home environment is still more quiet. As one of the important product that defend bath in the home, the choose and buy of the intelligent toilet often need to spend a lot of time and energy, and compared with the intelligent toilet cover, one-piece toilets more obvious advantages in terms of functionality. Together, if embarks from the practical experience, the price is often not the user priority factors, and the intelligent toilet is brought about by the high quality of life to enjoy really touched the main reason for the consumer.
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