Domestic toilet geomancy taboo know earlier

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-10
Intelligent toilet ten big brand: it's the boundless universe, no you think not only you don't know. So small a toilet also have so many exquisite, seemingly ordinary, actually contains many overlooked geomancy knowledge. Domestic toilet geomancy taboo early know 1, the toilet to sleep with the door to the bedroom door health, women in the home to have a problem of department of gynaecology easily especially. 2, toilet is opposite gate to gate is poorer, such as doors for toilet, the leakage is more serious. 3, berth tasikmalaya tasikmalaya berth for the toilet for most likely to affect the marriage relationship is the toilet, couples quarrel more, can also affect the physical health of husband and wife, toilet straight at the parts of the body will appear problem or pains. 4, berth avoid is straight for the toilet berth dozen straight for the toilet causes one party has a centrifugal, often not at home. 5, toilet walls by the head of a bed wall by driving head of a bed, family members dread the breath, around a mean person. 6, the toilet door kitchen toilet door of the kitchen door will affect health, housewife and toilet near the noxious gas and things, the people in this room have gastrointestinal disease easily. 7, the dining room to the dining room, bathroom home is often not neat people eat. 8, toilet is too wet, must always keep dry and clean, otherwise easy to accumulate Yin qi. 9, long-term close no bathroom window or shut the window for a long time, the noxious gas accumulation, the accumulation Yin qi, lead to family discord, affect the home, can be placed in the toilet bowl plant. 10, the toilet in the house toilet most avoid is located in the central of whole house, easy to waste and make the family suffering. 11, toilet avoid is close to the door and the gate position is too close, easy to poorer family quarrel, resolving method is often shut the bathroom door. 12, toilet should avoid black restroom with bright colors, avoid is used a grey, black, blue and gloomy colors. Toilet itself has insufficient sun be the spirit, coupled with such a gloomy tone is to add fuel to the fire, incur Yin spirit. 13, long-term open the bathroom door bathroom door is open for a long time, otherwise detrimental to family health, best shut down for a long time, and normally open suction fan. If within 14 in the kitchen, toilet is built through the kitchen door to enter the toilet first, dread the gastrointestinal problems, and susceptible to let you will accordingly. 15, the toilet door, bathroom door with magical an photograph is strong, not a bodhisattva or ancestors, messuage restless, framed are easy to be a mean person. Urbanite is more and more attention to enjoy, the decoration of the bathroom in the home also is more and more attention, don't ask more private space again, so small bathroom also built and two bathrooms. The bathroom, the more and the bedrooms, berth, kitchen photograph rushs lamp feng shui problems followed.
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