Dredge the toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-30
Accidentally clogged toilet special blocked core, so our special attention in daily life, but still can't avoid the occasional toilet congestion, so the toilet is blocked? Here to share some of the ways to dredge the toilet, the toilet light blockage can dredge, if serious problems will spend money to find professional dredge the toilet of the master. 1, in general, if the toilet just slightly, can look for one and a half inch wide bamboo stick into the toilet to dredge can solve the problem. If there is soil, confetti, fatty live these things blocking the toilet, can dredge the toilet the boiling water, or you can buy some of caustic soda with boiled water to melt into the toilet, after more than ten minutes to all. 2, when a slight jams, empty coke bottle below can be cut off, and then put it upside down in front of the toilet with the hand caught up at the bottom of the smoke a few times. You can also use the right amount of oxalic acid cleaning, also can dredge the toilet. Can also use the old drag palmer, using the toilet after half of the water drag, hole pressure under a few hard and action quickly, using pressure dredge the toilet. 3, blocked the can buy a loach into the toilet and pour in warm water, loach drilled down hard, when they are heated to dredge the toilet. If there is no hard things generally can dredge. To pour half of the water inside, with a round brush and a mop or round head software hard pounding on the sewer hole, or insert a long soft ventilation pipe to ventilation, then blunt water, effect is good. 4, if the toilet is hard block, can go to the hardware store to buy a skin chuai son dirt chuai, while water chuai, make the toilet only water, and then dip the water with a towel dry, looking for a small territory and a flashlight, put a small mirror in the toilet bottom, adjust the Angle of the light source and mirror, can see a part of the pipe, to find a good thing. Usually small objects easily stuck in a bent pipe, wire will find it out. 5, if it is toilet pipes problems and lead to the toilet jams, so it's no way out, only to find professional dredge company to dredge the toilet for you. Remind everyone here, when buying closestool, be sure to watch the quality of the product, carefully check the toilet of hardware fittings, in order to avoid problems after money trouble again. The tools of dredge the toilet closestool blocked, as long as is not a hardware problem, can use a few small things in life to dredge, or use the tools of professional dredge the toilet to solve. Dredge the toilet is commonly used tools are mainly bamboo, wire, mop, bottles, etc. , that kind of special and professional is the hardware store piri son. Skin chuai son first put the dirt chuai, while water chuai, to implement the only water, then dry to touch the water with a towel, look for a small child, it is best to make up the little mirror, a flashlight, put a small mirror in toilet bottom, adjust the Angle of the light source and the mirror you can see part of pipeline internal, usually little card inside the pipeline is the most to bend down and find a more appropriate wire, your luck good point, the implement voice eyes stuck in a little thing is solved. This method of dredge the toilet or practical.
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