Dredge the toilet there are tricks, talent to teach you easily teach you dredge the toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-23
Toilet connected sewer pipe diameter is limited, and sewage water curved, if too many accumulation of dirt, it is easy to cause congestion. Believe that a lot of friends have experienced the toilet jams, this is a very common thing. The toilet clogging dredge. If not clear, can only find dredge personnel to do, then take some of the costs. Dredge the toilet method is very simple, actually learn these skills we can unblock is good, do not need to spend too much cost. Trick to dredge the toilet a: skin chuai son skin chuai son is a dedicated to unclog the drain of tools, it is the shape of a stick a red chuck a connection. Dredge to enter water suction cups on the mouth, on the water side, side with back and forth. What can drive current motion hydraulic chuck, with water pressure will be blocked. Until the water in the toilet water, and can be unobstructed flow. Skin chuai son the use of the method is simple, easy to operate, and the price is cheap, generally more than a dozen yuan money could buy. General blocking skin chuai son can dredge, but if it is a big thing card in bend, then please professionals. Dredge the toilet tip 2: bottles from skin chuai son dredge the toilet in the process, we can see the main is to use the water pressure, because if there is a large beverage bottle at home, as opening up to the toilet. The diameter of the bottles than with big, general big bottle of cola bottles. The coke bottle off the part of the funnel, and then will it pour on the toilet water crossings, hand holding the bottom upward. Because the bottle is air, twitch when drives the water pressure, to form a larger water pressure inside the water pipe, can achieve the goal of dredge. The principle of this method is the same as the skin chuai son, less cost, as long as usual drink large beverage bottle can be preserved for necessary from time to time. Dredge the toilet tip 3: hose toilet if not completely blocked, just flow becomes slowly, so is it happen slight congestion. This kind of situation is relatively good. Can be a hose to drain, on the other end to a faucet, open the water to wash away the clog. If the hose is bad control direction, can be attached with wire hose head, then you can flexible steering, can clean up the accumulation of debris in the pipeline. If you worry about the toilet jams, can regularly use this method to flush internal drainage. Dredge the toilet tip 4: oxalate toilet jams, in addition to pile up the hair, hard, and may be because the oil is too thick. Water is not easy to wash away oil dirties, we need to use some special grease solvent to dissolve. To recommend oxalic acid, oxalic acid and the urine in the toilet and, to dissolve grease and other dirt inside the toilet, can dredge the toilet not only, still can achieve clean effect. Oxalic acid can be in clean and store to buy, or you can choose other solvents to dissolve grease dirt products, on a regular basis to do a can avoid dirties jam. Conclusion: the method can deal with most of the toilet jams, diy to unclog the toilet is good, do not need to pay someone to deal with. But if the above method after use or congestion cannot be solved, so don't was forced open at this time, please come to more reliable professionals. Relevant tags:
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