Everyone can experience the intelligent toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-18
Along with the progress of the era and the development of science and technology, people are becoming more and more high to the requirement of the quality of life, even implement this kind of articles for daily use, people's demand is quite severe. More and more products become more intelligent, more high-tech, toilet is not exceptional also, now on the market the kinds of intelligent toilet is also very complex. Although intelligent implement has been listed for a period of time, but the real bought little use family. Intelligent toilet to replace the ordinary toilet is not short time can realize, way, intelligent toilet a lot more expensive than the ordinary; Second, most people do not use a smart toilet, so can't blind to buy used. In reaction to the phenomenon, some intelligent sit implement enterprise in taizhou will around their products to the public toilets. Have to say the move is very clever, not only help the public toilets, the reform of the user experience and formed the invisible pavilion, let people can sit implement zero distance contact with intelligence, good guide consumers to purchase desire. Public toilets in place intelligent toilet, not only improving the quality of the public toilets, also let consumers know the product close to experience, that everyone can experience intelligent implement measures, good to promote the development of the intelligent toilet market.
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