Fission implement how to install? What are the precautions for installation fission implement?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-01
Of toilet is often used in the contemporary space that defend bath sanitary ware products, according to different classification of its production structure, main separation implement and implement, the so-called fission implement is to point to implement the main body and water tank are separate, its not connected together, because of these two kinds of implement structure, installation of fission implement natural is different from that of conjoined implement. Guangdong toilet manufacturer of small make up today to introduce fission implement to everyone how to install? Fission implement installation: installed tank fission of toilet water tank on the toilet, some matters need attention during installation and specifications: water tank and metope distance: aperture is not more than 20 mm. Water tank installation accessories: it is recommended to use galvanized bolt can be galvanized metal expansion bolt, the tank should be used between the nut and soft gasket. Water tank installation note: bolts is strictly prohibited to fixed water tank, it is forbidden to use metal gasket as water tank and the nut links. In addition, the tank and implement between the rubber gasket should level off, tight after blunt water, leakage between water tank and the toilet water experiment, if discover leakage, application of specimens will be rubber putty retightened after exposure to magnetic surface smooth and dry. Fission implement installation: feed pipe connected to the pipe connecting the installation process has put on the left side of the has put on the right, and according to the implement of, location is not so strict, drainage pipe to the water pipe and water tank are connected by a soft officer mostly. Fission implement installation: installed drain fission implement drain is also have certain specifications, not casually installation, fission implement used to drainage mode, implement the pit is 300 mm and 400 mm from generally have two kinds, before installation must first understand how to choose what kind of hole is apart from the installation, and then to a drain installation, of course many times hole spacing is determined by the implement specification, therefore when the choose and buy must pay attention to this. Fission implement installation: sealing treatment is mainly to implement in contact with the ground in the whole circle at the bottom of the glass glue, sealing effect, and still can let implement stronger, not afraid of the leakage, in use process, of course, after only a glass glue need at least 24 hours before they can use commonly, shi glass glue dries up, can the normal use of tank, try to flush, casually pipe to clean it, of course also have to check each interface to see whether there is leakage phenomenon, from the details if there is a need to deal with, until it doesn't leak.
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