'Foshan intelligent toilet' intelligent toilet can wash it clean?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-01
Is no stranger to intelligent toilet a lot of people, there are a lot of people would say that smart toilet with more comfortable, but to choose for all of the intelligent toilet, in the function of the intelligent toilet is more interested in, especially the effect, so smart toilet can wash clean? We take a look at the following: 1, the intelligent toilet can rush clean, smart toilet has many special features: such as purity, and hip and purity, and mobile clean, sit coil insulation, warm wind drying, automatic deodorization, mute takes a seat, and so on. Is convenient, in addition to, through the button panel has a remote control device to achieve these functions, the consumer at the time of use, as long as the hand gently press, remote control function can be easily. 2, intelligent toilet at first used and elderly care, [function can effectively reduce the crowd disease and female body parts of a bacterial infection, greatly reducing the prevalence of diseases and anorectal diseases. Massage function different intensity of water potential repeat in net washing area, promote the blood circulation, prevent related diseases, especially for constipation, have the effect that promote the purge. Most intelligent toilet has joined the design in a circle with nano silver materials, the bacteria can't survive, avoid cross infection. Forward because of the intelligent toilet water from spraying, but may be sprayed bacteria spread to the vagina, if can use the shower at home from the front wash, you can use wet towel wipe from front to back out. Actually washed with water and use to wipe, finally is from front to back, and when using minced toilet also should adjust sitting position, the toilet seat sit down, sit full, such ability on the water column, in order to avoid out, can actually make feces with germs flush to the urethral opening, cause infection. In addition, some people may be every time the toilet flush once more clean, privacy, can be cleaned once a day, however, excessive instead of cleaning the destruction of vaginal ph, are more likely to cause infection. Intelligent toilet to bring the biggest benefit of human beings is clean, environmental protection, convenience, but the wrong use can also cause the opposite effect, so be sure to know the proper use of way, not only make it more comfortable on the toilet, can effectively prevent bacteria, mold body.
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