'Foshan intelligent toilet' intelligent toilet what are the strengths and weaknesses?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-01
With the improvement of people's living standard and the level of economic growth. More and more families tend to buy smart toilet, can has slowly into the toilet, a lot of people also slowly feel the superiority of intelligent closestool, but every thing has its advantageous one side, will certainly has its disadvantages. Toilet closestool also can choose intelligent closestool, but most people just heard of intelligent closestool, but specific intelligent toilet is don't know what are the advantages and disadvantages. We take a look at the following: one, the advantages of the intelligent toilet 1, intelligent toilet can solve the problem of seat cold in winter, it through the heating technology, seat can be suitable for the temperature of the heated to the human body, are not afraid to go to the toilet freezing problem anymore. 2, intelligent toilet can provide users with water to wash clean. Every time a toilet, wash button gently only, can achieve a full range of cleaning, including adjusting the water temperature, strength, Angle, and so on. Intelligent toilet drying technology, but also can promote blood circulation of the hips, stimulate the capillaries. 3, intelligent toilet can remove the peculiar smell, the seat with built-in light catalyst or activated carbon, can automatically remove dirt. Second, the shortcomings of the intelligent toilet 1, intelligent closestool is the biggest drawback is expensive, whether up-front cost, or the late maintenance cost, are a lot of overhead. 2, intelligent toilet for the elderly and children, has some difficulties in using him. Their operation is prone to error, once the operation, will affect the normal use of the intelligent toilet. More intelligent toilet what are the advantages and disadvantages are introduced to here, when we decided to proceed with intelligent toilet, must first clear, we need to what type of smart toilet. Generally speaking, in appearance, intelligent toilet is divided into three types: separation, one-piece and intelligent toilet cover.
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