【 Foshan intelligent toilet 】 What kind of smart toilet cover classification?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-01
Nowadays, intelligent toilet cover is conform to the trend of The Times, the advent of reform is also the toilet civilization again big leap. Common toilets on the market is divided into two categories, one kind is a one-piece toilets, another kind is mounted in the intelligence of ordinary toilet cover. The main difference between the two lies in appearance, and little difference on the use function, but the price difference is very big, the highest can reach 10 times the price difference. So what kinds of intelligent toilet cover classification? We take a look at the following: 1, cleaning, heating and other intelligent toilet cover the intelligent toilet cover is common, at present our country to use more category, it can meet the seat ring constant temperature, the toilet is not cool, and the intelligent water instead of toilet paper, the basic functions. 2, film can automatically change the toilet cover is a one-time health cushion film change automatic intelligent toilet cover, is a one-time health volume set, is up to the standard of food packaging inspection health film ( Like a household plastic wrap last bag) , intelligent toilet cover with built-in microcomputer controller automatically change health film ( Health film set of accurate rotate a seat) , used film in recycling through the destruction of clear distinction and unused health film, to achieve the purpose of not repeatable use, is to eliminate the possibility of cross infection, its function is tangible, health is visible, this is the characteristics of the intelligent toilet cover, also cannot achieve the function of the to the average toilet seat. 3, change the set of the intelligent toilet cover cleaning the toilet cover with in health film, also can wash, with sterilization, deodorant, music, and other functions, is currently for advanced and complete functions of intelligent toilet cover. But the price is relatively more expensive. More intelligent toilet cover what kind of classification is introduced here, intelligent toilet cover with warm air drying function, dispense with the paper towel to wipe, avoid causing hemorrhoids, itching and discomfort, let old people more healthy. At the same time, the intelligent water and warm air drying, old people just need to sit can be completed, do not need to start up after next crouching, reduce the risk of accidents.
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