'Foshan intelligent toilet' what style of toilet is good?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-01
What style of toilet is good? Today, toilet very good replace our old latrine, along with the development of The Times, we now have been replaced by intelligent toilet, toilet for the choice of the intelligent toilet, we need more attention, in our market now, intelligent toilet brand is very much, different brand of quality is different. So what style of toilet use? Foshan intelligent toilet manufacturer the following staff to introduce the: 1, the siphon toilet siphon toilet is the use of water is poor, is to leave the sewage discharge. It pipes present bending effect, with the aid of suction pipe. Siphon toilet water pool memory area is larger, flush the noise is small, easy to clean the dirt on the surface of the daughter-in-law in the toilet, deodorization effect is remarkable. 2, the vortex type siphoned by siphon toilet is extended out of a new type of toilet, it formed when water flow along the wall spiral, can strengthen the effect of the wall of toilet flushing water. Vortex type siphon toilet more strengthened the suction, dirt off in an instant, but water consumption is very large. 3, straight strong pattern straight strong pattern is the traditional toilet, it is through the impact of the water flow down to reach the purpose of sewage. Its relatively small water tank water, toilet wall is steep, not easy to cause congestion, and so on and so forth, but will be washed sordid phenomenon. Straight strong pattern of toilet water sound is very big, can affect family sleep, and deodorization effect to ascend. Above what style of toilet are useful is introduced here, and can not function more many more good toilet, generally have the seat body induction, seat heating, warm water wash wash, mobile, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, a key energy-saving technologies, etc. Without the experience of higher demand, these features can be either on the toilet bottom, comfortable and don't have to spend more money.
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