Fully automatic intelligent toilet useful?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-04
In science and technology developed in the information age, people's material demand is higher and higher, more like the pursuit of intelligent and diversification of commodities. As a specialist sanitary ware, we are here to introduce a new type of automatic intelligent closestool, to meet the needs of our customers. Yes, the toilet is intelligent and multifunctional. Let's make a brief introduction: the toilet main body of the porcelain body adopts gravity die casting molding whole. The surface coated with nanoscale glaze, glaze layer. After 1268 degrees high temperature calcination, porcelain body density high, bibulous rate is high, far lower than the national standard, and has antimicrobial properties, easy to clean. Cylinder cloth around the hole distribution uniformity, spiral type automatic flushing way make water and porcelain body gets maximum coverage, thus increase the discharge of pollutants by suction toilet cover plate made of polypropylene materials, high hardness, strong bearing capacity. It can open and shut slowly, silent, don't worry about the rest of a family. The basic function of automatic intelligent toilet on the intelligent laundry. Intelligent toilet nozzle is made of polycarbonate material. Surface of chromium plating, high corrosion resistance. Through professional salt fog test, corrosion resistance reached more than 10. Nozzle as the single pole double nozzle, before and after use and self-cleaning, avoid the secondary pollution of water, use safety. The main characteristics of intelligent washing is the single nozzle of the water. For example, women and children wash wash water is soft, and ordinary washing water more and more thoroughly besides intelligent cleaning function, intelligent toilet also has automatic deodorization, smart hot air drying, automatic cleaning nozzle cleaning function, hip cleaning and women. Fully automatic intelligent toilet to use? After reading the edge with the introduction of the intelligent toilet shaw, I believe that your in the mind have the answer. There is no doubt that the answer is yes, but compared with the ordinary toilet, intelligent toilet is much more expensive, of course also much luxury. When choosing a common toilet or smart toilet, everyone should be decided according to the family income. Strengths is the most correct choice.
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