Further extract refined shape the image to find the internal selling point

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-28
At present, many ceramic enterprises, in the country set up a store or warehouse sales, unified VI design, enables consumers to enjoy more discount and service, establish a brand does not seem to be too difficult. Do not take the brand shaping, often lead to the product image in the market to sell at a discount greatly, the brand operation until the last can only be a bubble. Many excellent enterprise, the successful model, China's ceramic industry rise up to now, always can't get rid of the influence of foreign elements, many enterprises holding mining people worship psychology, their own products to overseas or place names, names. Germany, France, Italy, the United States, Europe and so on, the image of domestic ceramic enterprises, has been in with other elements of the packing your own brand, so a lot of enterprise's products are sold abroad product practical value, is in the domestic selling brand added value. Peers, and the trend of interests produced some all kinds of competition, 'myopic' behavior for many companies is still at the primary stage of the product competition, it is the key reason for many areas of small and medium-sized brand could not rise, while those who are good at 'si' and pay attention to the brand image successfully. Solid foundation still is a necessary characteristic of ceramics industry. Brand recognition by the market must go through two stages, one is embodied in the industry, the profit pattern of our channel recognized; It is reflected in the consumer market, our customers recognized brand. For many enterprises, in the absence of relatively perfect profit model and brand image before, scale of investment is not suitable, because the relationship to the whole details of subsequent brand management, customer see is the real thing, not boast of various kinds of deliberately. Today's ceramic should not appear quality problems in the operation of the market, whether it be product image, service image, image, brand image or technology, each image is the selling point of a special - — — Nokia's selling point, haier's service selling point, division of science and technology design, the shaping of the image strategy is to seize the consumer market, the performance of the high degree of refinement and incisively and vividly the portrayal of the systematic implementation of incisively and vividly. So selling image of the brand and the brand products are worlds apart. Selling sales well have to price to win, or in the good brand image to win sell? Don't know.
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