Go to the bathroom also with mobile phone? Intelligent toilet factory suggest to change this bad habit

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-22
Book before hand, now already started to hand the phone, even the toilet this time also want to take the mobile phone in a minute. Go to the bathroom appliance with the opportunity to have any damage? Intelligent toilet manufacturer to give you the answer. 1, toxic gases, easy to inflammation. Sit toilet/crouch hole, the body and toxic substances will come to a close, time grew, gas will enter the body, serious still can cause all sorts of inflammation, etc. So the discharge should pray 'rapid spike', as far as possible to reduce toxic substances contact time. 2, crouch hole for too long, prone to hemorrhoids! Toilet play mobile phones will extend the defecation time, long time maintain crouch hole position can cause anal bleeding. Studies have shown that crouch hole more than three minutes can lead to rectal varices bleeding, trigger tumors. 3, miss the feeling of want to move bowels, easy to constipation! Play mobile phones will inevitably distract during defecation, want to poo feel not careful is missed, this will cause delayed droppings or didn't feel, it could cause constipation. 4, giddy, leg pins and needles! Squatting too long, easy to the blood, and cause the brain, a sudden rise is giddy, squat down longer legs badly it easily. For everybody's health, intelligent toilet manufacturer is suggested to concentrate on doing one thing, not only for health, but also for efficiency.
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