Guangdong implement how to choose?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-27
Guangdong implement how to choose? Siphon type which is more water-saving and straight strong pattern to use? You should have some doubts, ceramic below small make up according to many years of experience summarizes some related information, introduce you, let you have a deeper understanding of this. Guangdong toilet manufacturer to remind you, from the point of discharge principle: straight strong pattern of toilet sewage pipe is straight, very thick. Through the flow of momentum to get rid of dirt, the compressed air will form a large thrust. Siphon toilet drainage pipe, the structure is 'S' type, the drainage pipe filled with water to form a certain water level is poor, with the help of flushing water inside the toilet drain 'suction row away the dirt. From the drainage capacity: straight strong pattern of hydraulic relatively concentrated, toilet flush time is shorter, wash the dirt efficiency is higher, it is to compare the benefits of easier down the dirt. In the process of scour is not easy to cause congestion, so install straight flush toilet no toilet paper basket siphon toilet just as its name implies is pollution mainly by suction, instead of straight strong pattern that wash, voice is relatively small. Dirt on the surface of the siphon is easy to rinse adhesion in the toilet from the deodorization effect: straight strong pattern of the relatively small toilet due to save the water, toilet surface prone to fouling phenomenon, deodorization effect is not good, especially no toilet with water seal. Siphon toilet with water seal, the water is higher, the deodorization effect is better than that of straight strong pattern toilet.
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