Guangdong intelligent toilet closestool let you fall in love with home

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-16
A lot of time, we will be because of one person to like a place, also as a nuisance, and disgust. Plus friends all know that in the countryside, the home of the outdoor toilet is a don't let a person happy, guangdong intelligent closestool let toilet no longer annoying. Toilet in the home is the most troubling thing is a period of time don't do comprehensive cleaning will have a bad smell. Guangdong intelligent toilet cabin cleaning function, as long as gently move button, self-cleaning, intelligent toilet can easily get dirt, eliminate peculiar smell. Clean the toilet, no peculiar smell of the bathroom, can let a person fall in love with this 'dont love' at a glance. Guangdong intelligent toilet also you furniture of a clean environment, allowing you to 'love it'.
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