Guangdong intelligent toilet how to correctly use

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-22
Guangdong intelligent closestool wash after a minute, you can press the 'warm wind dry' button, so that it can achieve the effect of drying, and drying can also adjust the scope of, just choose around before and after the direction of movement. Can not only dry, but can also be carried out on the seat heating, especially in the cold, this feature is very useful. Press the 'take temperature adjusting', you can choose from 34 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius temperature. After using the toilet, can be directly flush button, not only so, still can set up the guangdong intelligent automatic toilet flushing function set. Can choose to sit in humans after a long period of time inside more automatic flushing. Set up time, and then enter the human body induction time after how many seconds, if can't detect the existence of the human body, began to automatic washing. So they were discharged the trouble of manually flush. Intelligent automatic toilet not only has the above functions, but also some additional functionality. Can also set the table for 3 seconds after the open automatic deodorization function, in the human body from 30 seconds after the stop. During the period of the toilet can also be set to MP3, as long as deposit in advance some small amounts of data in an MP3 player, in the case of electricity, press the 'MP3 power' symbol. In the left can be automatically shut down, and the next time when using the toilet, with its automatic memory function, automatic open last time keep operating.
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