Guangdong intelligent toilet see toilet with a towel

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-20
Toilet we all think it is not health, can not directly contact, direct contact is not a lot of people may be more like a small make up hate cleaning toilets, but had to clean again, after all to use soap to wash hands many times. If you fall into the toilet bath towel or towel, even clean the toilet, you can also use, should all people the answer is no, but there is a hotel, using the guest towels to clean the toilet. A customer in China last year's hotel stay, install cameras use towels to wipe the toilet, after it broke out, also apologized to all the people might think that with the statement of apology, the matter came to a close, but in the last, the same person and check in the hotel, only to find that remark: the guest check in will install cameras to obtain evidence in the bathroom. And by calling the customer service is no reasonable explanation, just said don't know why. The matter of exposure, also let us once again hotel health problem in the face. Most of the time, this is we the methods to solve the problem, a note will be special attention, we are looking forward to being attention, love, but do not be concerned. This kind of practice will only make us feel the hotel is a problem with the quality and the attitude to deal with problems.
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