Guangdong intelligent toilet use technology with unique characteristics

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-22
1, guangdong intelligent toilet light touch keys design, use more convenient, more thorough cleaning, the stain is not in evidence. 2, guangdong smart nozzle self-cleaning toilet. Nozzle will be self cleaning before and after use, keep clean sanitation. 3, two nozzle. Different people use the choice of different nozzle, achieve clean effect according to different purposes. 4, mute slowly-closing function. Let go after the seat, then cover automatically shut slowly, slowly closed no noise. 5, intelligent toilet intelligent power saving. Have intelligent learning and memory function, can according to user's daily routine, automatic advance of water temperature and heating, and after use for automatic stop heating, and achieve energy saving effect. 6 and induction. Electromagnetic proximity sensor, before no induction to sit on, flushing switch won't start, press switch of don't have to worry about is wrong, very human nature is changed. 7, antibacterial seat. Direct contact with the skin of the seat part with antibacterial synthetic flame-retardant materials.
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