Guangdong intelligent toilet warm prompt: Mid-Autumn festival travel pay attention to safety

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-20
Immediately to the Mid-Autumn festival, the Mid-Autumn festival after a few days without is the National Day, and now the temperature is probably around 20 degrees, is very suitable for we go out to play, and coincide with the holiday, parents are at home, go out to play and your family. But go out to play also need to pay attention to safety and civilization. Go out to play must improve safety consciousness, strengthen self prevention, safe travel, travel civilization. Try to select safe destination tourist sightseeing and avoid travel risk effectively. If your travel, travel schedule to inform the relatives and friends, trip to avoid acting alone, keep communication clear. Properly keep valuables in the process of tourism, try to use a credit card, debit card, etc. , don't carry large amounts of cash. Trip encounter emergencies, to timely report to the police. Take part in the team travel, to comply with the safety management of the trip, pay attention to view the tourism safety instructions and hints of sign, consciously with a scenic staff remind; Tours to reasonable tourism projects and route choice, according to their own health, careful to riskier tourism projects, such as mountain climbing, exploration. Travel not only to pay attention to its own security, at the same time also must pay attention to the words and deeds, combing travel civilization consciousness, maintain the scenic area of environmental health and public order, do a civilized tourists.
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