Guangdong toilet bath when decorating, the matters needing attention

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-01
Decorate in the bath, because sometimes do not pay attention, will often cause wei get damp, the problem of return flavour, guangdong toilet manufacturer of small make up today teach you in decorating a time we should pay attention to what matters, to put an end to this problem. Bathroom is decorated moistureproof prevent return flavour of note: 1, pay attention to the pattern of separate sanitary ware design for dry and wet as far as possible; 2, pay attention to protect the ventilation effect of wei yu, do not set the partition easily; 3, be sure to choose and buy to contain the launching of deodorization function; 4, bath must be installed without ventilation window fan; 5, pay attention to the various drains in sealing; 6, pay attention to the washing machine to choose special water; 7, shower area accurately set the water slope, in order to drain water as soon as possible; 8, selects the high quality of the toilet, bath and basin; 9, pay attention to choose high impermeability of shower room. After the above article 9, as long as you note, bathroom decorate how moistureproof prevent things return flavour is no longer bother you! ! Pottery and porcelain provides squatting pan, mop pool, implement, urinal, basin series sanitary ware products such as the post. Welcome to consultation.
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