Guangdong toilet manufacturer to introduce the difference between separation sit implement and implement

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-31
When it comes to sit implement, believes everyone not unfamiliar, it play a crucial role in our life. Implement the type of many on the market, let people do not know how to choose. What is the conjoined sit implement? The difference between the Siamese toilet and fission implement? The guangdong toilet manufacturer of small make up together and see it! What is conjoined implement: according to the circumstance of toilet water tank, toilet seat can be divided into separation, even the postures, hang a wall of three. Hang a wall to implement made of shifting the family use, so commonly used in general or fission implement and conjoined implement. Siamese toilet also called siphon toilet, will sit implement and water tank directly together as a whole. Relative to the water tank is separated from the base installation fission implement more beautiful and comfortable. Separation sit implement and implement the difference: 1, the conjoined implement: the advantages of a beautiful, fashion even implement line is fluent, stylish and beautiful. And has easy installation, not easy leakage, low noise, small space, etc. Length of the split type sit implement, the price also more expensive. B, cleaning, even the score postures are easier to clean. Two-piece toilet has a joint between tank and base, the base has a groove surface edge, is relatively easy to infected with dirt, is not convenient. Even the postures is one of the tank and base, the base is the package type no grooves so easy to clean. C, water-saving: separation in the installation will be restricted by from the pit, and conjoined doesn't. Because even water level is low, so the general distance is short, even pit in order to increase the flushing force, section water performance is good. 2, the advantages of the fission implement: a, although big two-piece toilet occupy larger momentum, but because of the separable toilet give expulsion-typely, momentum is big, not easy jam, such as toilet paper can directly into the toilet. B, the price is cheap fission implement volume even implement of small volume, and its water tank and sit head is separated from fire, easy production, product qualified rate relative to the style of the kiln implement will be much higher, the corresponding cost is cheap. C, convenient transportation and maintenance system implement is the traditional toilet, need to tank is fixed on the wall. The implement of appearance is not connected, but it is easy to transport, maintenance is simple and convenient.
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