Guangdong toilet manufacturer to tell you the choose and buy of squatting pan

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-01
From the use of perspective, the general use toilet, toilet guest use toilet generally choose squat toilet, toilet is bigger family, still can choose male urinals, conducive to clean already so, can save water again. What about crouchs implement the choose and buy of how much knowledge you have know, guangdong toilet manufacturer of small make up together with you to discuss. To the market should be paid attention to choose crouchs implement five steps: see, touch, phase modulation, than, try. Look at the overall well-known stores have their own characteristics, sets between example, the strength of all kinds of qualification certificates to prove yourself is put in the position of the obvious. Whether the samples are neat, beautiful, can from a side reflects the degree of the factory for their brand recognition and attention. Touch surface high-grade squat toilets on the surface of the glaze and body are exquisite, hands won't feel uneven surface. Low-standard crouchs implement glaze darker, in the light, will find that the pores, glaze and body are rough. Crouchs implement phase modulation components with the high temperature ceramic of sanitary ceramics, the ceramics sintering temperature above 1200 ℃, material structure complete phase transformation, generate structure is extremely dense glass phase, has reached the requirement of sanitary ware fully vitrified, hand feel heavy. Medium and low-grade squat toilets are used is the medium and low temperature ceramic sanitary ware, the two ceramic because of its low firing temperature and burning time is short, unable to complete phase transformation, therefore could not reach the requirements of fully vitrified. Than bibulous rate, low temperature ceramic in high temperature ceramic and obvious difference is that the water absorption, high temperature ceramic bibulous rate is lower than 0. 2%, the product easy to clean not adsorption odor, glaze cracks and local leakage phenomenon will not occur. , bibulous rate is much higher than the standard of low temperature ceramic and easily into the water, not easy cleaning will also be giving off a terrible smell, time is long also cracks and leakage phenomenon happens. Try flushing for squatting pan, the main function is to flush, while squatting pan pipeline design is scientific and reasonable, is the main factors influencing the water. Through reasonable crouchs implement of choose and buy, free our mind and body, guangdong sanitary ware wholesale, with you in the bathroom industry development better,
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