Guangdong toilet manufacturer which good?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-30
Guangdong toilet manufacturer which good? Ceramic is a good choice, the company is a professional research and development, production and sales, ceramic sanitary ware enterprise. Company's main products: the squatting pan, mop pool, implement, urinal, basin series sanitary ware products such as the post. Wei yu in 'the good life, start from home' positioning products, research and development by the concept of noble fashion products, meet the needs of the consumers. At the same time as the sales philosophy of 'honesty, keep promise', the large and medium sized cities in the country to establish a perfect sales service network, in the industry has set a higher visibility. Ceramic below small make up to you to popularize the implement of the main species, to let you know more about this: outlet classification: the drainage outlet, ( Also called the bottom row) Side-by-side and water ( Also called the back) The points. Horizontal orientation of the drain on the ground, should be used when using a hose connected to implement export after. Bottom row of the drain, commonly known as floor drain, will sit implement only when using the outfall to is to go with it. Structure classification: sit implement can be divided into fission implement two kinds of implement and connected, in general, fission implement of space is big, the conjoined implement smaller occupied space. In addition, the fission implement to appear some traditional appearance, the price is relatively cheap, Siamese toilet to appear novel and high profile, prices are relatively high. Drainage way classification: sit implement the water way can be divided into 'straight strong pattern' and 'siphon type'. Above is toilet manufacturer of foshan ceramics co. , LTD. , small make up to you to summarize, hope to help you, if you want to know more information, you can focus on our website, for more information!
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