High intelligent toilet, one-click change life

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-23
Intelligent toilet is suitable for the age and health care, the initial set up with warm water wash function. Later after technology development manufacturing joined the toilet seat cover heating, warm water wash, warm wind drying, sterilization, etc. On the market at present is roughly divided into three kinds, a kind of belt cleaning, heating, sterilization, a kind of can automatically change set, the last one is automatically change the set of cleaning functions. Is it convenient? The function of the intelligent toilet automatic flush function: according to the state of urine automatically choose big, small, practical, convenient, comfortable and put an end to use after forget to flush the inconvenience and embarrassment caused. Seat heating function: in the cold winter don't cold not pleasure once and for all, feel warm and comfortable home. Seat: slow down function then cover and the seat closed is damping slow drop, avoid tapping caused 6-2. Women-only flushing function: female friends is in use ( A woman urinating or menstrual period) When finished, press 'women only' button, spurts out downy flower is aspersed flow cleaning nozzle, cleaning women privates. Hip cleaning function: hip cleaning function for men and women wears the designed, when you need to clean, according to the 'hip cleaning' button, will nozzle water wash your legs. Warm air drying function: press 'warm wind drying' button, the export will blow out the soft warm wind, blow dry after cleaning the remaining water, through remote control you can set temperature. When cleaning nozzle self-cleaning function: in order to ensure the water clean, every time you are cleaning before the system will automatically perform the nozzle cleaning procedures. Automatic smelly function: this function using activated carbon deodorization mode, after each time you use the system will automatically perform deodorization process, to ensure that your toilet moment fresh, eliminate peculiar smell. Light illumination function: if you think the evening toilet open toilet lamplight can affect family rest, you can start the toilet control panel 'lighting' button, light enough for you to avoid open soft lighting use. Automatic flip or remote clamshell functions: automatic flip function will let you avoid you every time the toilet open cover plate of the trouble and awkward with the hand, when you come to intelligent toilet, cover will automatically open. When you leave the toilet cover will automatically shut down. The choose and buy of the intelligent toilet tip 1, safety coefficient, the higher the better: when buying must see if up to standard, and asked to show relevant documents and materials. 2, not the more the better: functions, the more consumers will feel the value, but as long as have the 'introspection', 'seat heating', 'warm water wash', 'warm wind drying', 'automatic deodorization', 'mobile massage nozzle cleaning', 'energy saving' will suffice. Now most of the brands on the market on the several main functions are to do better, the difference is that in detail. 3, blowdown ability: good intelligent toilet sewage thoroughly, scouring the area is large, low noise, saving water, the surface is bright and clean, bibulous rate is low. 4, is easy to clean: look carefully on the surface of the toilet and under the lights to see if floodlight, reoccupy hand touching the surface, should be clean, smooth, colour and lustre is glittering and translucent; There is no obvious needle, lack of glaze and fracture; Tap sit implement, sweet crisp, no crack, shape without deformation, etc. Stretched out his hand to the drainage pipe, see whether drains have glaze. 5, attaches great importance to the accessories selective closestool cistern fittings is easy to be ignored, actually cistern fittings is like the heart of the toilet and more prone to quality problems. Should pay attention to choose when buying accessories are of good quality, low noise, strong and durable water injection pressure tightness is good, can't afford to withstand long-term immersion of water and no corrosion, scale. 6, after-sales service is also important: intelligent sit implement belong to product of integrated science, a great trouble to maintenance, be sure to ask when buying warranty and detailed terms. Relevant tags:
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