History and development of the intelligent toilet cover process

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-09
Smart toilet: every day when you sit in a variety of comfortable fashion the toilet to solve the problem while fantasy, you will think of many dissenting Confucian HanWu Tang Zong Song Zu previous 'toilet' and what is the difference between modern toilet? This encyclopedia that defend bath will tell you, how intelligent toilet from cesspit to enjoy the high-tech toilet. Ancient times - — Barrel and 'cesspit' in the history of the toilet, buckets and 'cesspit' s is a can not be forgotten, and because of its simple and crude equipment, operating various reasons such as rough, health situation is grim, is defined as the toilet in the history of the development of ancient times. Before every home has a size of barrel, for 'from time to time'. To reduce bad smell, barrel mouth tend to have a board to cover firmly. And another way of the toilet, it is Chinese style cesspit. This shape of sag in house backyard large earthen jars, in front of the jar with a small piece of wooden boards. Little clapboard is still not enough to deter those curious eyes, only to a certain extent, obscures the view of defecation. Civilization period - — Flush toilets to promote the progress of human civilization, the first modern meaning of the toilet was invented by British aristocrat John harrington, in 1597, he designed the use toilet water, and this new invention is installed in the court of queen Elizabeth. In 1775, the British cummings clock division of harrington toilet water container is improved. From then on, started civilization period of flush toilets. Europe and the United States, such as more manufacturers have to modify and upgrade to the toilet, make all sorts of function of flush toilets constantly improve, and promote human civilization life. Enjoy the time - — The evolution of the intelligent toilet lead new toilet toilet civilization tour in Japan, the starting point of the last station, a new era of intelligent toilet first originated in Japan. Japanese toilets make you completely out of the bathroom any inconvenience, it is equipped with the sink and hand dryer, automatic deodorization facilities, bedpan lift button, and imitation flush the recording, so that you don't need to turn on the tap to cover up the sound of the embarrassing when go to the toilet. In Japan, led intelligent toilet increasingly into the country, its function also has the further optimization, not only with washing, drying, deodorant, the basic function such as women wash, and listen to music, play games, watch video, and other high-tech features. Toilet now is no longer the tool to solve the problem of physiology, he compares the function of iphone5s, is leading the new period with the attitude of high-tech toilet civilization, make people live more amorous feelings. Leap - — From the physiological solution to the intelligent toilet should enjoy a long, long ago 'toilet' was not called a toilet, it's just a load waste a vessel or space. As a definition has been entrenched for dirty smelly mess, 'toilet' has long been discrimination. But the emergence of the intelligent toilet makes people such as CeShang enjoy are a type of evolution. Age and we have learned, intelligent toilet at first for medical care, [function can effectively reduce the anus diseases and female body parts of all the crowd bacterial infections, greatly reduce the prevalence of disease of department of gynaecology and anorectal diseases. According to medical sources, intelligent toilet flush function is according to the different intensity of water potential repeat massage function in net washing area, promote the blood circulation, prevent related diseases. Especially for patients with constipation, have promote purge role. In addition, the intelligent toilet mostly joined the antibacterial design, namely in a circle using nanometer silver antibacterial material, bacteria can't survive, avoid cross infection. In respect of enjoy, intelligent toilet closestool can make people more comfortable. Such as toilet seat cold northern winter, intelligent toilet can provide heating of the toilet seat, let a person is not affected by cold stimulation. Water flow and annular heating tube to maximize internal and external wall of the contact area, in order to eliminate the heat more, realize low energy consumption, transient heat, continuous constant temperature water, living water bring consumers more secure, more comfortable, more healthy clean new experience.
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