Home intelligent toilet so fire what reason be?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-29
Along with the development of science and technology, the intelligent tide gradually swept by, electric control, digital and automation of modern science and technology has been applied in the field of sanitary ware, sit implement, shower room, bathtub, bathroom cabinet, and other products to achieve different levels of intelligence, including intelligent toilet is especially typical. Intelligent toilet is a recent web celebrity, on-off can hear the news, also become one of the target people for shopping, but in fact it has what function, characteristics, as you all know? Q1: intelligent closestool usually have what function? The function of the intelligent toilet basically on the button panel saw, generally have automatically flush, seat heating, women wash, gentle drop hip cleaning, warm air drying, automatic nozzle self-cleaning, deodorization, light illumination, automatic flip or remote flip, and other functions. Intelligent toilet can be popularized in Japan, South Korea, Europe and other places, must have its reason, below we together and see it! A, the clean health, reduce the risk of disease. In fact, the anus is there are a lot of fold, the toilet by toilet paper to wipe residue is inevitable, but also can cause pulling on the skin. And function of intelligent toilet water can be regulated according to different requirements between male and female, more effectively remove bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. ; Drying function can promote the blood circulation, long-term use can prevent hemorrhoids, constipation and other diseases. Second, the human nature. Traditional toilet is the most afraid of winter, go to a toilet seat shivering in the cold, the whole people is not good. Intelligent toilet seat heating function can easily solve the problem, and part of the brand also launched a 'luminous toilet', go to the toilet at night no longer smear, will not affect the rest of the family to rest because of the lights. Three, automatic deodorization. Intelligent toilet mainly through built-in optical contact or activated carbon in the toilet seat cover to reach the effect of deodorization. Fourth, the wireless remote control. In addition to the button panel operation directly, part of the toilet is equipped with a dedicated remote control, a finger press can easily implement all functions. In addition to the automatic opening and closing and automatic flushing, automatic opt, automatic heating and deodorant and a series of automatic induction function, all its convenience, humanization and intelligent deduce acme, brought new enjoy comfortable bath for consumers. If have such an automatic toilet in the home, you will fall in love with toilet? Any change in your life? Intelligent wei yu, can really change our future life? Time in six years, analysts say people life is spent in the toilet, shows the importance of the toilet to be reckoned with. Smart bath is designed to make life more human, let technology more understand life, starting from the demand of people, to create humanized products, the time that defend bath into a private enjoyment of the daily time.
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