How much is a toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-25
How much is a toilet? Aiming at this problem, guangdong toilet manufacturer ceramic small make up today will give you a brief introduction of how to select toilet! ! ! ! This is more important than sit implement the price tell you oh, you want to remember. 1, according to the size of choose and buy, from the appearance of the toilet on choosing the right to the toilet, after a certain amount it implement in all kinds of size if meet the size of the toilet is placed in the home. Especially the distance between the base after the outlet to sit implement water tank wall is with toilet in the home of the distance between the nozzle and wall. If the size can't meet, not to buy. Tip: in addition to the size, also want to use portable toilet compare the weight. Usually heavy weight sit implement quality is good. 2, choose from glazed finish implement of glaze is also choose implement an important indicator, if the glaze is not smooth and can lead to a wash not clean, make besmirch residues on the glaze. So, you can in addition to observe with the eye glaze whether bright and clean bright and try to use hand to touch the glaze, implement internal by judge whether the glazed smooth feel. 3, according to the selected enough momentum now sit implement all nominal own brand not only save water but also momentum is very strong, have adopted a variety of advanced technology, in fact you can do a test to determine how strong momentum. Can in advance with a ping pong ball, in the test to sit implement, look to whether can it washed away. If you can complete the momentum can be up to standard, and on this basis to compare whether section water. 4, choose from inside the water tank water tank is mainly look at two aspects, on the one hand, to see the inside of the tank water valve and buttons, on the other hand depends on whether the tank size is leaking. Which observe whether water valve button to see whether the water valve is closed, button if there is a burr resistance, because every time in sit implement total want to press the button flush valve, water quality closes nevertheless, if these parts will make toilet water or inadequate water tank is leaking. Tank button to choose, there are two buttons, respectively in different situations, obviously this can sit implement water conservation. 5, from a functional perspective of choose and buy if you flush with cash, and also need many additional functions, can consider to intelligent sit implement, to see if it has the automatic induction, sit implement automatic heating, water heating, automatic spray cleaning, drying, automatic spray cleaning, etc.
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