How smart toilet maintenance can prolong the service life

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-14
Intelligent toilet: intelligent products are popular in our daily life, many friends will now intelligent toilet of choose and buy, and now many intelligent toilet products on the market, compared to common toilet has a high price, few to many thousands, to tens of thousands more. Want to experience the intelligent life, a heart of stone determined spent bought a smart toilet in the home, how can just because do not pay attention to maintenance and cleaning is broken. So fast and small make up to look at, smart toilets are in use at ordinary times what should pay attention to details, how to clean and maintenance to make the toilet has a longer service life? Use at ordinary times need to pay attention to these: 1. In the intelligent toilet cover cleaning and maintenance, please be sure to unplug the power switch, confirm that all intelligent toilet cover operation part of the power light is put out. 2. Can't directly with water flushing intelligent toilet cover, please use soft cloth to wipe the product. In addition, you should use neutral detergent to clean smart toilet cover, 'hard' or corrosive cleaner, can damage the surface of the product. 3. Please wipe with a soft cloth water at ordinary times, if not timely removal of dirt, would be hard to clean, please often water wipe, wipe with water can prevent static electricity, and static electricity can absorb dust, lead to products black, dirty. Intelligent toilet cover can be removed from the toilet, facilitate such part between intelligent seat and a toilet clean. 4. Nozzle cleaning and maintenance methods: nozzle with dirt, please use the toothbrush like little brush cleaning, pay attention to don't forced tensile, bending nozzle. Now good clean body implement don't need to use hand pull out, it's not health, only need to press a button on the keypad make the nozzle to lend, suggest clean once every two months. 5. Please regularly remove the plug on the adhesion of dust, unplug the power plug when cleaning, use clean cloth to wipe dry. 6. Home empty for a long time, please cut off the power of the intelligent toilet cover, if there is a storage tank, to remove plug ( At the bottom of the tank front-end) Let out water tank water. 7. Intelligent toilet cover winter maintenance methods: winter keep in 3 degrees above the temperature of inside toilet, avoid the water in the tank to freeze.
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