How smart toilet service to extend its service life

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-17
Intelligent toilet is we often use a home appliance, is indispensable in the family, but he seems to be for us, the cleaning and maintenance became a difficult problem, some people used to directly use cleaning products that sell in the supermarket, but those who really apply all the toilet? We really need to pay attention to when buy some. Next let's look at how to properly clean smart toilet. On the nozzle cleaning, actually don't need to spend with to spend too much time and energy, because of the nozzle material generally used antimicrobial self-cleaning materials, or stainless steel, and will wash water before and after each use, relatively speaking, is a clean place, so don't have to spend too much time. If the nozzle removable, rinse directly is removed, if not, can use soft toothbrush, things like that to clean. In the toilet on the inlet valve, inlet valve can be twisted off, there is a filter, filter cleaning in reinstall, so that in the long run without cleaning, fill valve too much dirt jam, affect the speed and quality of water. If intelligent toilet cover and barrel body can be separated, then you can be smart toilet cover is removed, and to clean the bottom of the seat, at the bottom of the seat is easier to trap bacteria, because there could be splashed with water. Disassembly process is simple, generally there will be a button to remove a button, very easy. If not then do not recommend disassembly, that will be broken.
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