How to change the toilet cover and gasket

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-23
Step: shown in the figure of two loops are two holes in a fixed location, at the bottom of the toilet has two plastic nut will be two axis, you can see from below. The second step: will the two nut screw down, respectively, on both sides of the hand can spin down, is not very tight. After the cover is loose, can take down the toilet cover. You can see the two holes. Step 3: as you can see new toilet cover two accessories for plastic screw, the screw through from the plastic crate, pay attention to the direction, don't make a mistake. If you don't know direction refer to tear open come down to the old lid. Step 4: after both wear good position as shown in figure in advance to, and two plastic gasket set in. If this step is not clear, please see the lid of the old, the principle is the same. Distance is adjustable means is put in after can be sliding. Step 5: the new cover according to the position of two holes down, and even more steps to remove the old lid similar, the two plastic nut screw up. Screw on both sides, respectively, tighten. After the above steps, the new change my seat. Usually buy toilet cover gasket and the cover is together, there will be a corresponding parts of screws and nuts. Relevant tags:
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