How to choose and buy and clean mop pool

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-01
Mop pool is used to wash the mop, mop pool, though small, but it also to the size and appearance of the right of choose and buy, in order to bring home the overall effect, and the role of mop pool can't look down upon, at the time of cleaning mops, can prolong the service life of mop. The zhengzhou toilet manufacturer the choose and buy of small make up to introduce the mop pool and clean mop pool. A, 1, we can see the choose and buy of mop pool surface, if the surface glossiness good, no small small black spots and surface smoothness. So the mop pool of good quality. 2, can by hand with a small amount of water, the water to clean the surface, if the water droplets together like on the lotus leaves and smooth slide, shows that the surface is very smooth, can buy. Second, mop pool cleaning mop pool basic is designed with ceramic, so can be used when cleaning a little baking soda to make fall within the mop pool, wait a few minutes in the brush with the brush to stain. If the mop pool has become yellow, can join coke soak, many scale can be removed. Three, mop pool maintenance of mop pool do not use rough and ceramic contact things, can't bump, knock. Regularly to clean, so as to keep clear of drains, prevent sundry jam. Four, mop pool installation height mop pool, mop pool to 25 cm from the ground, faucet from ground height 75 cm, this can be set according to their own situation, if is too low or too high a not so convenient to wash the mop. It is best to 35 cm from the ground work.
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