How to choose implement? Implement selection skills

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-01
Toilet is one of the most important material in the toilet, a comfortable and beautiful, good quality, implement can not only beautify the space that defend bath, also can save people a lot of unnecessary trouble. So how to choose a suitable own sit implement, guangdong and then implement manufacturer small make up together to know. One, the weight for the toilet first depends on the weight, the heavier the general rule is, the better. Ordinary toilet weight at about 50 pounds, good toilet 100 jins. Weight big toilet density, quality is ok. A simple test method of the toilet weight method: hands took the tank cover, a weighed it can weigh in hand. If is very heavy, take in your hand is full of simple sense, that is good. On the contrary, if light, not feel sure is not pass. Second, the outlet in general, the bottom of the toilet drainage hole are the best one. Now a lot of the drainage hole is 2 - of the brand 3 ( According to the different diameter) , but the drainage hole of the more the impact momentum. The outlet of the toilet with the water drainage and rank, to measure a distance to the tank wall behind the center of the drains, buy from the same type of implement to sit down, sit implement won't be able to install. The horizontally sit implement the water outlet to equal the height of the nozzle, and rank slightly higher, best can ensure sewage chang, 30 cm for the toilet water: after 20 to 25 centimeters to sit implement water; Distance in front of more than 40 centimeters to sit implement water. The model is a slight mistake, the water is not free. Three, see glaze buy implement must pay attention to the glazed toilet, good quality toilet glaze should be bright and smooth with no bubbles, colour and lustre is saturated. After testing the surface glaze, also should go to touch the toilet drains, if rough, cause after hanging. Four, the caliber implement for large diameter drainage pipe inner surface glazing, and it is not easy to hang dirty, pollution quickly enough and effective preventive congestion. Test method, put the whole hand in the toilet, general can has a capacity of the palm of your hand for the best. Five, see cistern flush toilet tank leaking besides have obvious dripping sound can be concluded that, in general is not easy to find. Six, see water pieces of water quality directly decides the service life of the toilet. Brand toilet and ordinary toilet water quality difference is very big, because almost every family has experienced the tank is not out of the water, so, when choosing toilet don't ignore the water of the link, the appraisal method is to listen to the button for best sound is ringing voice. Seven, see water from a practical point of view, the basic function of toilet should have first flush thoroughly. So, water way is very important, toilet flush water for straight at whirlpool type, rotation siphon type, siphon type, siphon jet type. Pay attention to the choice of different drainage ways: sit implement according to the water way can be divided into 'strong fall type', 'siphon strong fall type' and 'siphon vortex type', etc. Strong fall type and siphon strong fall type about 6 liters of water injection, sewage capability is strong, just loud when strong water; And vortex type a water consumption is big, but has a good effect of mute. Consumers try straight at siphon implement, it has both the advantages of sky, siphon, can wash dirt quickly, also can have the effect of water saving.
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